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Our Team

Through our executive team, we have a diverse wealth of industry experience. It is their excellent reputation for providing personalized service, accurate market intelligence, and creating valuable solutions that are the foundation for Raw Essentials’ success.

Garry Bahadur

Founder & CEO

Garry Bahadur is a seasoned professional with a diverse range of experience and expertise. As the CEO of his own company, he brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership to the table. With a background in music production, artist management, event management, business consulting, strategic marketing, banking, high finance, asset protection, asset management, project financing, and commodity trading, Garry has developed a versatile skill set that spans across industries.

Garry’s professional journey has been marked by notable achievements. He is the founder and developer of an international commodity trading company, which is registered in four countries. This accomplishment highlights his ability to establish and grow successful ventures in a global marketplace.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Garry is driven by a strong passion for serving humanity. He actively seeks opportunities to create trading avenues for developing countries, aiding in the growth of local sustainable economies. Garry’s commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond his work, as he engages in personal interests such as personal development and spirituality.

When he’s not immersed in his professional endeavors, Garry enjoys indulging in his hobbies, which include reading, music, and travel. These activities help fuel his creativity and broaden his perspective on the world.

Dr. Valerio Tinelli

International Business Partner

Valerio Tinelli is the CEO of Sakha Corp., a prominent figure in the business world with a wealth of experience and expertise in agriculture, veterinary science, and animal nutrition. From a young age, Valerio demonstrated a determination to succeed in business, which led him to start working as a teenager.

With decades of experience in the field, Valerio has managed various companies and worked closely with universities around the world. His extensive knowledge in agriculture and animal science, particularly in the realm of pig nutrition, has made him a sought-after expert in the industry. Valerio’s proficiency extends beyond technical aspects, as he possesses exceptional problem-solving skills and financing abilities for investments.

Throughout his career, Valerio has achieved remarkable success, garnering recognition for his outstanding contributions. His excellence in business has been acknowledged by prestigious institutions such as universities, chambers of commerce, and financial organizations. Valerio’s skills include being a quick learner, a proficient problem solver, and an adept negotiator in banking matters. He possesses a deep understanding of agricultural practices, animal nutrition, breeding concerns, and the traceability of food and feed for animals.

One of Valerio’s most significant professional achievements is successfully managing his studies while actively participating in the business world. He has also fought against major financial institutions, taking them to court for employing compound interest and usury practices that caused severe economic hardships for businesses. Furthermore, Valerio has developed innovative solutions for animal feed intake during hot weather conditions, improving feed conversion rates. Additionally, he has implemented a comprehensive traceability system for animal, feed, meat, and food products, gaining approval from prominent distribution systems and certified institutions.

Marco A. Bastidas

International Business Partner

Marco received a Bachelor Degree in Commerce Specializing International Business from University of Ottawa. His passion and vision was always entrepreneurial, his path begun in Real Estate development, success was realized in a regional area of Alberta Canada. His next venture was language business that saw his business grow from two employees to over three hundred across the globe and reached all across Canada in providing interpretation and translation services with specializing in interpretation, simultaneously. 

Having successfully completed the level of market penetration he wanted to achieve, he decided to sell the business and move into his next stage. The next and most recent stage involved international trade, where he dealt with clients from all over the world. In the beginning, finding a foothold in the commodities market for South America was difficult. However, this marked a definite step forward for him as he progressed from financing mining projects to selling hard assets and extensively trading commodities such as copper, iron ore, and manganese, as well as precious metals like gold.

His most recent achievements are in the fuels and financial instruments. He collaborates with high-end law firms to sell and buy mine assets worldwide. The future looks very bright for him, especially with the acquisition of mining projects and the prospect of advancing them to the next stage of development.

Mikhail Johnson

International Business Partner

CEO of Ubiquity Concepts Inc. an IT company specializing in Software Development, DevOps, and Cybersecurity. With a proven track record of success, Mikhail has played pivotal roles in various high-profile projects throughout his career. Notably, he spearheaded the establishment of Coinsquare’s mining division and exchange and collaborated with RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) to launch their Rewards site redesign.

Additionally, Mikhail contributed his expertise to redesign BMO’s (Bank of Montreal) mobile and web OLB experience and played a crucial role in architecting and implementing Home Depot Canada’s curbside pickup system. Known for his exceptional analytical prowess, Mikhail thrives on masterminding complex tech initiatives.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Mikhail is passionate about creating and seizing business opportunities to build generational wealth.