a leading global commodity
trading company

Our Company

Raw Essentials and Living Food’s reach is far and extensive. We trade premium quality raw material and resources from suppliers globally. We source products from Asia, Europe, and the Americas. We obtain and purchase these products for manufacturers, importers, and distributors of food ingredient raw materials.

Through our team of highly skilled traders, we have a diverse wealth of industry experience. It is their excellent reputation for providing personalized service, accurate market intelligence, and creating valuable solutions that are the foundation for Raw Essentials’ success.

We remain alert to opportunity and are always looking to raise the bar of excellence in everything we do. We manage our company with the focus and discipline needed to create a strong, long-lasting, and profitable business.

Driven by our strong company values


We provide our customers with the highest level of service and products, while ensuring the best value.


We will conduct our business ethically and openly, and we treat everyone with respect.


We are qualified, skilled, and committed in providing our services.

Health & Safety

We invest in building and fostering the health, wellness, and safety of our employees and customers.


We strive to lower the impact of our carbon footprint by having an environmentally friendly approach.

Customer Focus

We understand the requirements of our customers and ensure their needs are met.

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an Integrated Team of Experts dedicated to
exceeding our client's expectations

We source, store, blend, and deliver physical commodities reliably, efficiently, and responsibly anywhere in the world.